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     The booking process was simple and easy to understand. The technician was amicable and made sure I was satisfied before leaving. Very pleased with the outcome.
Campbell Stepp20/07/2024
     We couldn't be happier with their work and results! Always accurate and dependable! Strongly recommended!
Sally O'Toole10/07/2024
     Outstanding service - I had a tight schedule trying to move house and they still managed to provide superb end of tenancy cleaning results. And when I saw my old carpet again, it looked so much better!
B. Morgan20/11/2023
     The cleaner was extremely civil and completed all requested chores in a timely manner and was sure to leave the area clean and orderly.
Dennis Day18/10/2023
      Carpet Cleaning Services Rayners Lane is unparalleled in their dedication, commitment, and quality of work. They are truly some of the best you will ever find.
John J.02/08/2023
     My previous cleaning company went out of business so a friend recommended this company. They are fairly cheap, and the cleaners are some of the best I've ever used.
Annalynn Newton21/05/2020
     I had to hire Rayners Lane Carpet Cleaning to do some office cleaning the other day since the office was in a very poor state and I didn't have any time to sort it out myself. I was very happy with the results and will definitely hire them again.
     My go-to cleaning company! Rayners Lane Carpet Cleaner are by far the best cleaners in all of London!
W. Laney31/05/2016
     As a single mother of 2 little girls, I am exhausted by the time I am done with them. My sister suggested that I hired a cleaner to help me with all my cleaning. At first, I was a bit sceptical thinking I could do all of it by myself and then I hired one and have never looked back. My place looks so clean and I am so impressed. Thank you for all your amazing work, Carpet Cleaning Company Rayners Lane.
Linda W.01/12/2015
     I hate not being able to clean my own sofas but I am relieved that RaynersLaneCarpetCleaners can do it for me. I only ever let them take care of my upholstery cleaning because I know they can do such a good job. They ensure that any sort of mark or stain is gone, there are no crumbs or hairs, leaving my sofas look their best.
Joe K.31/07/2015
     This is such a nice cleaning company and everyone working here is genuinely willing to help - from the people on the phone to the actual cleaners themselves. I called them for a kitchen cleaning first but eventually decided to hire them regularly for thorough house cleaning. The prices are great, the service is impeccable and the people are actually very nice! RaynersLaneCarpetCleaners is the best cleaning company in the whole area!
     Wow - there are so many good things that I have to say about RaynersLaneCarpetCleaners that I honestly don't know where to begin! I called the company because - after a promotion at work - I was working too many hours to be able to find the time or energy to clean up my house. I hate dirt and grime and my house was becoming full of the stuff, so I called the company and explained my situation. I ended up hiring a cleaner to come and sort out my home every two weeks and I couldn't be happier with the service! Thanks!
Mike P.25/02/2014
     Getting a cleaner in for the end of your tenancy is one of those things that you just have to do really. It's a bit of a pain, but I tend to find that if you don't, you go to all the effort of cleaning the place, and then find that you missed a spot, and get charged a ludicrous amount anyway! I used RaynersLaneCarpetCleaners for my end of tenancy cleaning, and they were fantastic, I'd recommend them very Highly to anyone looking for a good job done well.
Susan W.07/01/2014